Benefits of Using a Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service

Doing Laundry and Keeping your House Tidy

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Keeping your home tidy isn’t just a nice thing to do. There’s a deeper part of it the affects your psychologically.

When all you see is clutter around the house, wherever you look is unfinished work. your mind doesn’t get to truly rest. When this happens, it can trigger stress.

Combine this with the stress of misplacing your keys or wallet in a messy home and it can become a real problem. Stress and anxiety levels have a direct relationship with your overall health.

Cornell University did a study on how having a clean home affects us. The researchers studied two homes – one with a tidy kitchen with everything organized and the other messy. After studying the two groups, they found that the families that lived in the chaotic kitchen consumed nearly twice as many calories in sweets.

Doing your laundry on time and keeping your home in order is a small part you can do that will have long-term positive impacts on your family’s health. Now, with pickup and delivery laundry services, keeping your home tidy is easier than ever.

HIs Pickup and Delivery Laundry Services for Families?

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Yes! If you’re a busy family, then you can benefit from this service. Most people think it’s out of their budget, but for as little as $25-$35 a week what’s not to lose? That’s less then a night out for drinks.

In the end, it depends on how you value your time. Do you value your time more than the expense? Do you want to spend your time creating memories instead of getting stuck in the laundry room? I think we know the answer.

Think about all the time you spend doing laundry. Once your clothes are clean, they get dirty again. It’s a never-ending process. It’s not just a couple’s hours a week, it’s a couple of hours a week every week for your entire life. Taking laundry of the list today can save you hundreds of hours in the future.

When you sign up, you’ll get your t-shirts pressed, socks matched, clothes folded and the whole gambit.

How Can Pickup and Delivery Laundry Help my Business?

Company laundry

For years businesses have leveraged the financial benefits of outsourcing. Hiring other people to do work that does not make financial sense for you to do. When you focus your time on your business’ core competencies, you’re able to spend more time doing what makes you money. Let the laundry people do the laundry and you do what needs to be done.  

Clients we work with:

  • Day spas
    • Religious organization
    • Restaurants and caterers
    • Daycare centers
    • Automotive detail and repair shops
    • Sports team
    • House cleaning companies
    • Therapist and chiropractors
    • Hair salons and barber shops
    • Hotels and motels
    • Local B&Bs
    • Pet groomers

Disadvantages of In-House Laundry

For large companies, doing all the laundry in house can be a hassle. Expenses include hiring new employees, insurance, uniforms, training, equipment, cleaning products, space for storage. All of this can put a large dent in the wallet

Not to mention health codes for specific industries. Add special detergents, alkalis, bleach, fabric softener, antibacterial agents and more to the list.

Importance of Laundry in Hotels

folded laundry delivery

Clean liens are essential in running a successful hotel. It’s something that little people think about but makes a big difference.

Quality and cost are two priorities when hiring someone to outsource laundry. Some hotels are now outsourcing half of their laundry and keeping the other half in house. For the small loads, keeping it in house and for busy nights or special orders outsourcing it. Doing this is a very cost-effective strategy.

When outsourcing our laundry, you’re able to use the room used for laundry for more important hotel related business – office space, storage, or even turn it into new rooms.

Outsourcing Laundry Service in Hospitals

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In any hospital, patients are the priority. When it boils down, your patients health and comfort are paramount. You can’t have liens that aren’t properly cleaned – with germs or toxins from other patients. You must have the right systems.

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Tell us about your cleaning standards – if you’re a hospital and need your liens cleaned at a certain temperature, no problem. Contact us today to learn more!