How it Works

What should you expect from LaundryMe! pickup & delivery laundry service?

Start Service for Laundry Service in Just a Few Easy Steps!

Want your dirty laundry to disappear and clean, fresh smelling, folded laundry to magically appear? Sign up with our recurring orders and we will pickup as often as you’d like. Getting started is as easy as 1,2,3.

Step 1
Creating an account is easy and secure. Simply click “start service” and input your information and specific cleaning preferences.

Step 2
Scheduling your pick-up is simple. Select a day and frequency that works best for your lifestyle. Receive reminder texts or emails from LaundryMe! the evening before your pickup/delivery day to remind you to leave your order out.

Step 3
Sit back and allow us to do the dirty work. We’ll return everything perfectly cleaned and folded in 1 business day. All you will need to do is put them away.

working in washed clothes